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KnitzAndPearls Fiberworks is home to the gorgeous yarn dyed in my studio, with special care given to each and every skein! You may never see the same colorway twice, so check back often to see what we have available!

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We are so excited to be able to offer so many different kinds of roving and colors. See for yourself, and check back often, as we are constantly expanding our selection!

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Handmade Project Bags

Project Bags have been part of the KnitzAndPearls line of product since March 2018. With so many different colors and styles to choose from, and custom ordering available, we're sure to help you find your perfect match.

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"I purchased these for my owl-loving grandmother as a gift. She absolutely adored them! They will serve her well in the cold months ahead, both functionally with their perfect quality and knit structuring and fashionably with their lovely color and cute owl motifs."

Elyse, 2020

"I love her bags they are so pretty and I am slowly growing my collection."

Samantha N, 2019

"This project bag is perfect, The seams are straight and smooth, no loose threads, the zipper works, and it is super cute! Very happy to have this and will gladly buy from this shop again. Thank you!!!"

Kristy M, 2019

Yarn, Yarn, Yarn!

When He Carries Your Heavy Package of Undyed Yarn Inside For You <3

It Truly Does, Friends.