KnitzAndPearls Quarterly Newsletter Summer 2021

My friends, is it still a quarterly newsletter if my last one was LAST summer? Haha, well, here we are. I warned you I was a procrastinator. 

I hope this finds you well and surrounded by so much yarn and fiber! 

What's New with Life?

I am surrounded by yarn and fiber myself, but in new ways and alongside new friends! On May 3rd, my husband and I relocated from northern Indiana to Madison, Wisconsin, for his new job. I too, took a new career path with this  change, and have become once again a full-time homebody, splitting my time between KnitzAndPearls and Pampered Chef consulting. 

I have found fast friends in some lovely knitters here, at new yarn shops, and with the amazing and oh-so knowledgeable Susan Mcfarland of Susan's Fiber Shop, located in Columbus, Wisconsin, and at

I competed in the World-Wide Knit in Public Day event in Stoughton, Wisconsin on June 12th, and very nearly almost placed in the walk and knit competition. This event was held at the same time as our sister city of Stoughton, Norway was holding their event. We facebooked live together and were able to mostly translate. Knitting is a timeless art that crosses all borders and barriers.

What's New in the Shop?

KnitzAndPearls has established a trade account with a new yarn supplier, so keep an eye out for upcoming bases! I am also using new dyes, techniques, and recipes. 

Bags will soon be featuring interfacing, due to popular demand! That said, I know there are a few who favor a squishier bag. Not to worry, i will carry both in my shop and wherever you purchase KnitzAndPearls.

Where Are Your New (And Updated) Locations and Events?

Yarn and bags can always be purchased online on and

Brick and Mortar Locations

Blueberry Cottage Yarns and Wool, 825 N Center St, Plymouth, IN (Stocked Regularly)

Susan's Fiber Shop, N250 County Rd A, Columbus, WI (Currently only on facebook events, but hopefully to be regularly carried soon)

Upcoming Events:

Knitting at the Estate, September 9th-12th, 2021

Monticello, IL