KnitzAndPearls Quarterly Newsletter for Summer 2020

Life here lately is busy, so I thought that my messy desk would be an appropriate photo. Nah, this is actually my desk when its clean, if you can believe that. 

So what's happening lately? Let's dive in. 

With KnitzAndPearls...

My summer fabric has all been purchased, and I am beginning to put together new project bags for y'all! I had so much fun (I always do) choosing which prints I wanted to feature for the summer quarter. While I was shopping, I observed that arrow prints, succulents, llamas, and watercolor-ey florals are all very much still trending. I enjoy working with those, so it sounds good to me! I think I got a bit of all four of those, and more. 

In addition, I just had a shipment of bare yarn arrive from my supplier this week, and I will be adding new yarn to the shop soon, with its matching bags. It will not be sold as a set, but you can certainly purchase them together. ;)

The Hoosier Hills 2020 Event was cancelled and moved to 2021, due to COVID-19. This came as a blow, but was not a huge surprise. The ladies over there have done a marvelous job of promoting the would-have-been vendors, and of organizing the postponing of the show. 

I do have two fall events lined up, you can keep an eye on updates on our events page. 

All of that to say, the postponing and cancellaton of shows this year has definitely been a blow to not only my sales, but admittedly, my motivation. I have felt blue! Nevertheless, we shall persevere and we shall keep calm and carry yarn! COVID-19 will not last forever. 

On another note, I am trying to arrange a deal to sell my bags on consignment at my local coffee shop. That has been exciting. 


With Knitting...

I have so many WIPs that it is not even funny. At some point I must have gotten a case of Cast-On-Itis, or at least Not-Actually-Finish-Anything-Itis, and now I believe I have a final count of 16 WIPs. 

Top priority though currently goes to The Gramps Cardigan that I am knitting in Molly Klein Design's 100 Acre Wood Colorway, and three baby blankets that I have started. These of course, all for my godson, who is due in September. 

I am feeling the urge to cast on sweaters or cardigans for myself as well, despite the heat. We are currently in a heat wave. But i will be strong... I will finish my other cast on's, or at least a few of them, first. I also would like to give priority to the cross stitch I am making for my new home, and the filet crochet project I meant to have finished for my house 3 years ago. 


With Life in General...

We are all settled into our new house, and trying to establish new routines. I have finally discovered that my best tactic for managing mine and my husband's laundry is to just straight up not worry about it, and then on Thursday morning, begin a laundry weekend. As soon as each load of laundry is completed, it is folded and put on the game room/laundry room table to be carried up at the end of the rest of the laundry. We are getting there! 

We hung a squirrel feeder on a tree in our backyard, and it has been a joy each day to put a handful of peanut chips out and watch our 3 backyard squirrels come and eat. They are learning that 4pm (my husband's usual lunch break hour) is feeding time!

Speaking of my Preston Darling Dear, our 3rd anniversary is coming up at the end of August. We have both been approved for a week of vacation, and we are looking forward to the time together. The last few months have been incredibly busy and our schedules haven't been lining up well. There was a long stretch just a few weeks ago where we saw each other in the morning around 7 am before one of us had to leave for work, and then saw each other again when I walked in the door at about 10:30 pm. I will be posting soon on my personal blog (That's about what I have been doing to make this time more bearable. 

Lastly, I have finished my pharmacy training with my company. I am hoping to be nationally certified by this time next year, but we'll take things one step at a time, and absolutely keep on knitting along the way. 

I hope you all have a happy summer, my friends. Take care of yourself, and be kind. Always keep looking for the joy to be found in the moment. 



Around Here We Are Currently Enjoying........ 

Reading: Rizzoli and Isles book 3, The Sinner. Also, Elevator Pitch, by Linwood Barclay.

Watching: Rizzoli and Isles on Hulu is my newest. Still trying to get sucked in, but I really wanna. Also, a chronological viewing of the Marvel Movies with my honey.

Drinking: Iced Green Tea with Pineapple and Honey from Grand Central Perk is the bomb!

Eating: Jalapeno Poppers! We found out that we make fabulous homemade Jalepeno Poppers, and we will never go back. 

Listening To: Park Predators on iTunes, an Audiochuck production!

Playing: Stardew Valley. I'm just a little bit obsessed.

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